Monday 11 December 2017

Transport to graveyard

PROMPTED by a member of Balbriggan Town Council, the county council's community department is to investigate the possibility of providing some kind of pubic transport to Flemington Graveyard.

The location of the new graveyard for Balbriggan has been controversial and its rural location means that a number of elderly citizens in the town find it difficult to attend burials or visit graves there.

Cllr. Monica Harford (Lab) alerted the council to the problem this month and asked if Nifti or Vantastic could be approached to see if it was viable to provide transport from the town.

Cllr. Harford said the cemetery was 'a state-of-the-art graveyard but it is at the back of beyond' and a number of people have complained that they have difficulty travelling to the graveyard.

Cllr. Dermot Murray (FF) agreed, saying he believed it was not a 'suitable place' for a graveyard. He complained that it also had a 'very, very negative' impact on the rural community that surrounds it.

Fingal Independent

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