Tuesday 12 December 2017

Tomato festival set for Rolestown Garden centre

A FESTIVAL celebrating the joys of the humble tomato is set for Rolestown Garden Centre where one of Fingal's most renowned organic growers will deliver a talk on the tomato's 'colourful and abundant genetic diversity'. Dubbed The Totally Terrific Tomato Festival, it all kicks off on September 2 at Rolestown Garden Centre from 11am to 5pm and is hosted by the Fingal Gardener's Group and GIY Naul. This will be a celebration of all things tomato. It's colourful and abundant genetic diversity - it's fascinating history, it's culinary versatility, it's many health benefits and best of all and it's fantastic flavour. There will be tons of tremendously tempting, truly tasty treasures of the tomato world in an exhibition of dozens of unusual, heritage and rare varieties of all shapes, sizes and colours. As well as the scrumptious red ones, big and small - there will also be sausage-shaped green striped ones, white ones, yellow ones, black ones, orange ones, pink ones, rainbow coloured and variegated ones - even fun and furry ones, but absolutely no genetically modified ones.

The one thing they all have in common is an absolutely mouth-watering flavour - about as far removed from 'your average supermarket tomatoes' as it's possible to get. There are best tomato competitions in all categories - even one for the heaviest or weirdest or ugliest tomato as well as recipe competitions with great prizes. At 2.30pm well known organic gardening expert Nicky Kyle will give a talk explaining why it's vitally important for our future food security to preserve rare and heirloom varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables and will answer all your gardening questions. There will also be a farmers' market selling all sorts of great local produce, cakes and crafts.

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