Tuesday 18 December 2018

TD calls for use of schools in childcare

Using school buildings for the provision of after-school childcare could help reduce costs for parents and guardians, a local Fine Gael TD has said.

Chair of the Oireachtas Children and Youth Affairs Committee, Alan Farrell, said: 'Making use of school buildings, where it is feasible, to allow for the provision of after-school childcare could benefit many families through reducing the cost of childcare.

'For too long, childcare costs have acted as a second mortgage payment, representing up to 40% of outgoing income for the average family and placing a significant financial burden on parents and guardians. This would also assist parents, who wish to return to work, in doing so.'

Deputy Farrell added: 'Having recently visited one school in my constituency where after-school childcare was offered, I have seen the ease by which such services could be offered in schools throughout our country.

'Where there is additional space in a school, either in a classroom or a hall, it would be possible for a childcare provider to establish a presence within a school.

'Also, where there are no additional rooms, it is possible for such providers to transform a classroom into a suitable space for childcare in a matter of minutes, where that room is free after school hours.

'I must say that I was very impressed at the level of service offered by the provider in this instance.'

Fingal Independent