Tuesday 20 March 2018

Swords Seniors visit the EU

Nessa Childers, Independent Dublin MEP has hosted a delegation from Swords Senior Citizens to the European Parliament in Brussels, accompanied by Cllr Paul Mulville, Independent Councillor for the Swords Ward.

'I was delighted to host the group from Swords Senior Citizens, along with local Cllr Paul Mulville and Dublin trade union and political activist, Paul Dillon. I was very glad to discuss Brexit with the delegation, and to hear their views on how it will impact the island of Ireland and our country's strong relationship with Britain, where many of our family and friends are living", said Childers.

'We really enjoyed the visit to the European Parliament and Brussels, and found it very informative,' said Eileen Power, Chairperson of Swords Senior Citizens.

She added: 'It was great to have a chance to learn at first-hand how the parliament works and to discuss issues of concern directly with Nessa.'

Fingal Independent