Monday 14 October 2019

Swords Bethany group urge people to attend Casey talk

Swords Bethany Bereavement Support Group which does such valuable work in the town, guiding people through he difficult process of bereavement, is urging people to attend a talk in the city centre by former Dragon's Den star, Nuala Casey.

Therese Ward, secretary of the Swords Bethany Bereavement Support Group has urged anyone with an interest in the topic to attend the talk.

Nuala has publicly spoken of her grief at the loss of her partner and is a long standing member of Bethany.

Her gift for public speaking and her courage in sharing her own personal story around grief and bereavement will make this an important talk that is sure to help a lot of people struggling with the same feelings of loss.

The talk takes place on Wednesday, at 7.30pm in the St Xavier's Church in Dublin 1.

Bethany Bereavement Support Group is a voluntary community and parish based service.

Its objective is to support the bereaved through the grieving process and its services are totally free of charge and confidential within the law.

The name 'Bethany' is derived from the story of Jesus' friends Martha and Mary who lived in a village called Bethany and grieved over the death of their brother Lazarus.

The voluntary group's mission statement is to 'provide a voluntary community and parish based service, which aims to support bereaved adults through the grieving process'.

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