Monday 19 February 2018

Special needs group grateful for support from community

AT the end of a busy summer programme, the good people at Remember Us wanted to thank those who provided some financial support to the Balbriggan special needs group in recent times.

Remember Us would like to acknowledge receipt of €10,000 lottery funding from the Department of Health and to thank Minister Reilly for all his help and support during his time as minister for health.

Remember Us founder Nora Roban said: 'We wish him every success in his new department. It is really appreciated by everyone here at Remember Us.'

Nora also thanked Angela Morris and everyone at New Ireland Assurance/Bank of Ireland Life for their donation of €2,285.

She said: 'This represents the proceeds of their recent 'Charity Friday' raffle which they ran on our behalf.

'Everyone here at Remember Us is extremely grateful for this generous donation, particularly the young people and adults with special needs who will benefit from it.'

Remember Us would also like to acknowledge receipt of a grant of €2,000 from Fingal County Council. Nora said: 'Their continuing support is very much appreciated by everyone at Remember Us.'

Finally, the Remember Us founder said: 'A massive thank you to our amazing volunteers who gave up their time during the summer to assist and supervise the young people on the day trips and home-based events. Thank you from everyone at Remember Us.

'To our community employment and TUS placements, thank you. To Flemington Community Centre and Fingallian's for the use of your premises, Gary and Joe at Gormanston coaches for transporting us on all our days out, Mick and the guys at Nifty bus also - thank you all.'

For further information on Remember Us or if you would like to become a member or a volunteer, please contact Nora or Anne on 086-0457003, or by e-mail or check out the website

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