Tuesday 17 September 2019

Skerries welcoming its Breton friends on visit this week

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The STTA (Skerries Twinning Town Association) is welcoming some representatives of our French twinning partner, the Canton of Guichen, to Skerries this week to mark the 25th anniversary of the signing in Skerries of the twinning Charter between our two communities.

A spokesperson for the twinning association said: 'We are welcoming six visitors to Skerries in August amongst whom are Mr. Guy Appere, president of the Comite des Relations Internationales du Canton of Guichen and former Deputy Mayor of Laille, Mr. Marcel Hamel, former Conseiller General du Canton (the top political post of the Canton) and who attended the 1994 event in Skerries, Ms. Karine Lorgeoux, Deputy Mayor of Baulon and Ms. Emmanuelle Pelletier, Deputy Mayor of Goven.

'We are hoping that Fingal County Council will facilitate a short visit by the group to Swords during which they would be given a brief outline of the Irish local government system and maybe meet some local councillors.

On Wednesday evening, the twinning association is hosting a meet and greet event in Skerries Harps Clubhouse with its Breton friends and local clubs to exchange views on the issues and challenges facing both communities and how they can help each other.

Skerries Town Twinning Association was founded following a public meeting in 1992 to proceed with the twinning of Skerries with the Canton of Guichen in Brittany, France. The aims of twinning are to foster friendship between two areas by means of cultural, sporting and interest-centred exchanges. It exists on a premises of mutual hospitality, by opening our homes to each other.

Over the ensuing years, firm links have been cemented and, in August 2019, STTA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the official twinning of Skerries and the Canton of Guichen (Brittany).

Guichen is a canton of small towns and villages in the départment of Ille et Vilaine. It lies 15 km. south-west of Rennes, the fifth largest city in France. It is easily accessible by air to Rennes or Nantes or by ferry to Roscoff or Cherbourg. It combines rural landscape and pretty small towns. The river Vilaine flows through the canton and boating and fishing activities are popular. Forest walks abound and it is ideal base for exploring the nearby city of Rennes and the beautiful rural landscape of the Brocéliande. When the twinning took place in 1994 the canton of Guichen consisted of eight towns and villages.

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