Monday 25 March 2019

Seabury roses are planted in memory of passed loved ones

At an annual memorial in Seabury, 19 roses have been added to the area's Memorial Rose Garden in remembrance of loved ones that have passed on.

In 2015, Seabury Tidy District Group, began an initiative of significance to the community of Seabury. A Memorial Rose Garden was planted. Members of the community were invited to remember deceased loved ones and plant a rose in their memory. Thirty five roses were planted that September.

In 2016, as part of a commemoration of the 1916 celebrations, seven roses were planted to remember the signatories of the Proclamation and a further nineteen were planted by people from Seabury who wanted to mark the passing of loved ones.

On Sunday, July 29, Seabury Tidy District Group organised another memorial event. The occasion comprised of two parts: a mass, celebrated in the Church of the Sacred Heart, by Fr. Noone and this was followed by a procession, led by piper, Joe Meade, and the Mayor of Fingal, Clr. Anthony Lavin, to the Memorial Rose Garden in the park. There, nineteen further roses were planted by locals.

All of the roses planted to date have been carpet roses.

An additional rose was planted -- this time a rose bush -- specially for deceased children of Seabury.

The Lawlor family, accompanied by the Mayor, planted the commemorative children's rose bush.

The Seabur Tidy District Group, hope to make this an annual event and intend to plant a rose nush each year from now on to mark a particular group opr event within the community.

The Rose Garden was developed by the group with the help and co-operation of the Parks Department of Fingal County Council and each year, and the Tidy District group are grateful for their support.

The Memorial was organised on behalf of the Seabury Tidy District Group by Harry Reynolds and Whela Reilly.

Harry said 'Our Estuary Park here is at the heart of the Seabury community. Our Memorial Garden represents the commitment of the Seabury Tidy District Committee to the community and we built it with a purpose in mind.

'That purpose was never to forget those who have gone before us and who have inspired us and loved us.'

He added, in a moving speech at the ceremony: 'Many visit the Rose Garden from time to time and one of the lessons we can learn from visiting this Memorial Garden is that as a community, year in, year out, we move forward in our lives and we should always appreciate those of our family, friends and community who have been central in influencing our lives.'

Fingal Independent