Friday 22 February 2019

Santa Paws is gone to the dogs at Ardgillan Castle this Christmas

Santa is expanding his customer base this year and moving into the non-human world, specifically to your household pooch.

It's not enough to bring the kids to see Santa, this Christmas, the dog needs to get the chance to bark his or her request into the ears of the great man from the North Pole to make sure there some doggy treats in the stocking on Christmas morning. It was to cater for that growing demand that Ardgillan Castle laid on a special day for dogs to meet Santa.

Appropriately named 'Santa Paws', the fun event saw families turn up at the castle with dogs in tow, eager to tell Santa about the toys and biscuits they want to show up in their doggy stockings, this Christmas.

Santa proved to be a natural around the animals but kept them away from the reindeer, just in case.

Well done to everyone at Ardgillan Castle for putting the event together and remembering that dogs love Christmas too.

The dog lovers who brought along their pooches to see Santa really enjoyed the day and said they would have been barking mad to miss it!

Fingal Independent