Thursday 26 April 2018

Safety measures Millview Road

A RANGE of measures are to be carried out by the council to improve pedestrian safety on the Millview Road in Malahide, subject to the availability of funding.

Asked for a progress report on the issue by Cllr Judy Dunne (Lab), the council's operations department laid out its plans for the area.

The department said: 'Provision has been made in the Works Programme 2014 for carrying out of footpath improvement works on Millview Road.

'Hedge cutting notices were served on the relevant landowners some months ago. A recent inspection found that most landowners have carried out the required hedge cutting works. The remainder of landowners are being pursued to ensure compliance.

'An application for funding will be made to improve the junction of Millview Road and Yellow Walls Road, including dishing of footpaths, footpath improvement works and provision of barriers. These works will be carried out during 2014 subject to funding being made available.'

Fingal Independent