Thursday 18 July 2019

Safety concerns voiced over walkway

Around Fingal

The local authority has been asked to examine the walkway between Seabury and Killeen, Malahide, with a view to making improvements to public safety on the route.

Areas where the council has been requested to examine include: provision of additional lighting on the route; safety improvements around steps and railings; the possibility of thinning out shrubbery 'that currently gives cover to antisocial behaviour' and provision of a bin in the vicinity.

In a motion put forward at a recent sitting of Howth/Malahide Area Committee, Cllr Eoghan O'Brien (FF) argued that a single LED light in the area was 'not sufficient', as the area was 'quite heavily trafficked' by young people at night, some of whom may be travelling alone.

Cllr O'Brien said, however, that he was glad to see the council's commitment to providing a bin in the area, which had been requested for 'a number of times over the years.'

Acknowledging work done by the council to steps and railings on the walkway in recent times,

Cllr O'Brien said there was 'a balance to be struck' in relation to cutting back shrubbery, as some residents enjoyed the cover it afforded their homes.

A report from the council stated that the Operations Department had examined the walkway between Seabury and Killeen, and found that one LED light at the bottom of the steps of the walkway was deemed sufficient.

The steps and railings, the report continued, had been examined and deemed to be safe.

The report confirmed that a new litter bin would be provided in the vicinity and that the possibility of thinning out shrubbery at the location would be examined through engagement with residents and An Garda Síochana.

Fingal Independent