Monday 11 December 2017

Prestigious photojournalism expo to go on show at T1

JUST AS Dublin Airport was chosen as a backdrop for a movie about a war photographer it was announced that a prestigious exhibition of photojournalism was on its way to Terminal 1.

While T2 provided the set for a Juliette Binoche film on the life of a Norwegian war photographer, the airport's other terminal became the venue for the AIB Photojournalism Exhibition 2012. The prestigious AIB Photojournalism Exhibition 2012 is currently on view in the Mezzanine, Terminal 1, Dublin Airport and will run until November 12. The exhibition, which features 120 eye catching prints, showcases award-winning and highly commended photographs taken by members of the Press Photographers' Association of Ireland. The photographs are in nine categories; News, Daily Life & People, Sports Action, Sports NonAction, Portrait, Nature & the Environment, Politics, Arts & Entertainment and Reportage. The Exhibition provides a snapshot of Irish life from the past year, from triumphs, excitement and delight to heartbreak, loneliness and despair.

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