Friday 22 March 2019

'Pointy' the way to better online business

Irish tech company Pointy and Ireland's largest retail representative body, Retail Excellence have come together to offer 21 complimentary Pointy boxes, valued at €400 each, to help local retailers increase their visibility online and footfall in-store.

McSharry's Pharmacy Group and Home Project Centre Group which includes well respected trading names like TJ O'Mahony's, C&D Providers, PH Ross and McCarthy's Hardware will be given the opportunity to discover the advantages of using Pointy in their respective stores.

Pointy aims to make it easy for customers to find the products they're looking for in local stores from Fingal to Achill Island and everywhere in between.

In Dublin alone 15% of all stores use Pointy. The company is one of Ireland's standout tech success stories, serving 7,000 stores across all 50 states in the US.

They have recently raised $12m to help accelerate their growth.

The Pointy box automatically creates a Pointy page for a shop's products, by plugging into its barcode scanner.

Without having to do any extra work, a shop can have its own dedicated web-page displaying all the critical-store information and its up-to-date product catalogue in one place. Businesses using Pointy appear higher on search engines like Google, which in turn drives increased in-store footfall and revenue.

Lorraine Higgins, Chief Executive of Retail Excellence Ireland said: 'With retailers facing challenges both here in Ireland and externally, it is important to respond as efficiently and creatively as possible. eCommerce, Technology and bricks and mortar can work together.

'Retail Excellence has called for greater supports for our members to use technology like the Pointy device, to get their businesses online and to drive increased revenue.

'I would like to thank Pointy for partnering with us on this project.'

Commenting on the initiative, Mark Cummins, CEO and Founder of Pointy said: 'We're delighted to partner with Retail Excellence on this initiative.

'For many local retailers, keeping up with technological changes can be hard to do in addition to running a store.

'Retailers just don't have the time to create digital stores as well. But most customer journeys now start with a search on a mobile phone.

'If someone takes out their phone to search for a product they want to buy, they often only see results from big eCommerce companies, even if a local shop 100 metres away has the product in stock.

'It's frustrating for local retailers and consumers alike. Pointy is solving that problem in a way that's effortless for retailers.'

Fingal Independent