Sunday 19 November 2017

Path widening on the Forest Road will have to wait says council

John Manning

The widening of a narrow footpath on the east side of the Forest Road in Swords will have to wait for the development of nearby lands, according to Fingal County Council.

Cllr Joe Newman (NP) called on the local authority  to 'urgently arrange for the widening of the narrow footpath along the east side of Forest Road Swords from the River Valley entrance up to the Rathingle and Boroimhe entrance'.

Cllr Newman explained his reasons for the demands, saying: 'A growing number of buses, trucks and cars use this road every day, the traffic is increasing and the road is getting busier and more dangerous by the day.

'The footpath is overcrowded at times with parents pushing prams with young children in tow.  The pedestrians are taking their lives in their hands as they negotiate hazardous sections of the footpath.'

Cllr Newman added: 'The close proximity of large vehicles and cars to the pedestrians could be considered a life threatening hazard.'

In response, the council issued a report to councillors, stating: 'The upgrade and widening of the roadway and footpath on Forest Road, Swords from River Valley to Rathingle will be carried out as part of the development of the adjacent zoned lands. It would therefore be premature to carry out any extensive footpath improvement works that would necessitate land acquisition at this stage.'

However, the council added: 'In the short term it is proposed to carry out footpath surface improvement works later this year which will provide an improved surface for footpath users.'

Fingal Independent

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