Sunday 21 January 2018



THE LAST two days of each year's Skerries Soundwaves Festival is when the event really takes over the town from the streets to the harbour and it all begins with one massive street party.

This year's street party transformed Strand Street into a riot of colour and fun with something to enjoy for all the family. Among all the face-painting and children's entertainers, local acts took to the stage of the Rock Trailer to provide a musical background for the party. Revellers were watered and fed throughout the day as the festival built to its climactic end with the fabulous night parade and fireworks display on the following and final day of Soundwaves. The Skerries Soundwaves Night Parade brought this year's amazing festival to a colourful, loud and spectacular close as floats prepared by local schools took to the streets of the town. The final day of this year's wonderful festival began with performances of the Wish Tree puppet show by the Dog and String Company. It was soon time for the festival finale and the street parade ending with a spectacular fireworks display. A spokesperson for Soundwaves summed up the finale, saying: ' The Skerries Soundwaves Festival Night Parade is the culmination of our schools programme. 'A huge thank you to all the artists who went into the schools, the teachers and prinicipals who accommodated us and Ricka Walser who co-ordinated it all. ' The floats were wonderful – well done to everybody. A big thank you also to Chantelle Coetzee Maritz for helping with the parade and to Natasha Isabelle for keeping us healthy and safe again this year. 'Finally the skies were alight again with colour and sound over the harbour. Michael Branigan take a bow for orgainising a wonderful fireworks again for Skerries. Thanks also to all who turned out to join us including the wonderful Harvest Moon.' The organisers of the festival said there were plenty of thanks to go around from the festival's supporters and sponsors, to the hardworking volunteers and the organising committee members and of course, the people of Skerries themselves who all combined made Soundwaves 2012 an event to remember.

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