Wednesday 13 December 2017

'New beginning' for Railway Street area


THE BALBRIGGAN Public Realm Implementation Group want the people of Balbriggan to participate in the next phase in its transformation of the town centre when it hopes to give the historic Railway Street area 'a new beginning'.

The group is working with the residents, traders and stakeholders from Railway Street on a public consultation led design strategy to improve the appearance of this historic street in the heart of Balbriggan town centre. In order to showcase the potential of Railway Street to become a significant centre of activity within the core of the town, the group is holding an event entitled ' Railway Street - a New Beginning' and the whole community is invited to attend. As part of the initiative, an arts and crafts market with a Christmas theme will take place on Sunday, November 25, in the area from noon to 6pm. In addition to the market, there will be musical and street entertainment for the whole community to enjoy. If you are a local artist or involved in crafts and would like to participate in the event, the group would love to hear from you. Please tel. 01- 8412178 or email

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