Monday 18 June 2018

Naul 'Big Tree' replant

John Manning

Fingal County Council is now working on preparing the site at The Naul to replace the iconic and much loved Red Chestnut Tree which grew for many years beside the Seamus Ennis Centre in The Naul.

Despite efforts to save it the tree had become dangerous and for safety reasons has been felled and removed by Fingal County Council.

The Red Chestnut Tree (Aesculus x carnea) famed for its big red flowers is an important local landmark and has featured in many photographs of The Naul.

These photographs, some dating back to the 1800's, have featured local people and visitors to the area including more recently President Michael D. Higgins in 2015, as well as many visiting musicians performing in the Seamus Ennis Centre.

Speaking about the work about to be undertaken Kevin Halpenny, Senior Parks Superintendent, Fingal County Council said: 'We are very aware of the importance of the tree to the local community and it will be replaced by a new specimen chestnut tree.

'The large planting pit which is itself a prominent feature in the village will also be repaired and improved by Council staff.

'Fresh soil and a built in watering system will be provided for the new tree.'

Details of the replanting event will be provided closer to the date, according to the council.

While the village prepares for the new tree, the landmark old tree which was originally planted as a boundary marker in the late 19th century, will live on through sculpture, the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre has confirmed.

Sean Paul O'Hare, the Director of TSEAC said: 'Local artisans are on hand to transform the old trunk and branches into sculptures which in turn will enhance the aesthetic of the Pipers Garden which is located to the rear of the centre.'

Hundreds gathered in the village as the tree was felled recently and locals spoke of the memory's growing up in Naul and the joys of playing in and around tree which was rooted firmly in the hearts of the local community.

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