Monday 22 January 2018

Mikie celebrates 18th 'miracle birthday'


WHEN FRIENDS of Mikie McLoughlin got an invitation to his '18th Miracle Birthday' they all knew why those words were chosen because this young man has defied the medical odds since the moment he was born.

Mikie who is originally from Balbriggan but now lives in Lusk, was born with hydrochepalus and his skull collapsed at birth when doctors gave him just 24 hours to live but 18 years after that stark diagnosis, Mike was arriving on the back of a Harley Davidson to the Milestone Inn to celebrate his 18th birthday. He has been through all kinds of life- saving operations, suffered epilepsy and even had a piece of his brain removed last year but Mikie is a fighter and he and his mum, Antoinette, dad, Michael and siblings Rosie and Peter were able to put aside all those trials for one night to celebrate a remarkable birthday. Mikie has two great loves in life, motorcycles and Cheryl Cole and each played their part in this unique celebration. He arrived to the Milestone on the back of a beautiful Harley Davidson and was presented later with a picture of himself and his idol, Cheryl Cole who he went to see in concert at the O2 earlier this year. Mikie's friends have become his extended family, according to his proud mum, Antoinette who thanked everyone involved in her son's life throughout his 18 years for their support. There was a particular mention for Mikie's Spanish friend, Alba who travelled for the celebration. Alba got to know the McLoughlin family as a Spanish student but has become part of the family and sees Mikie as her brother. Antoinette summed up her son, saying: 'Mikie is kind and loving and a miracle in himself and has been a fighter every day of his life.' The 100 or so guests at this incredible party would, no doubt, agree with that sentiment and it was a night to remember for all who attended, especially young Mikie himself. Well done to all involved in the organisation of the party and all who travelled long distances to be there and thanks goes from the family to all the staff at the Milestone for helping to make this such a special night.

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