Monday 20 November 2017

Judge refuses to cancel warrant

A JUDGE refused to cancel a bench warrant issued for the arrest of a teenager after the defendant arrived late to court.

Michael O'Brien (19) did not appear before Balbriggan District Court when his name was called. Judge Dermot Dempsey then issued a warrant for his arrest.

Later, the court heard that O'Brien had turned up and could not get to court in time as he was waiting on a taxi.

Judge Dempsey did not accept this excuse and told O'Brien that the warrant still stands and that he had no intention of cancelling it.

O'Brien of Brackenwood Drive is charged with being in possession of an orange emergency shatter hammer to be used in the theft of a taxi at Baron's Hall in Balbriggan on July 9th. He is further charged with €150 worth of criminal damage to a front passenger window of a car on the same date.

Fingal Independent

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