Wednesday 26 September 2018

Hedgestown NS raises its second Green Flag

Youngest and oldest pupils raising the flag at Hedgestown NS green flag raising.
Youngest and oldest pupils raising the flag at Hedgestown NS green flag raising.

Hedgestown National School has been proving its green credentials again with the raising of the school's second Green Flag in recognition of the primary school's efforts to reduce its energy consumption.

The Green Flag raising ceremony was held at the school last week, where its youngest and oldest pupil had the honour of hoisting the flag high above the school.

The staff, parents and children of Hedgestown National School have embraced the Green Schools programme and consequently are more aware of the need to protect our environment for future generations.

Feedback from the children's parents has been very positive about the programme. They gave their full cooperation and feel that it is wonderful that the children are made aware of environmental issues from a very early age.

A spokesperson for the school said: 'Before we started the Green Schools programme we had been sending three or four black bins to landfill every week. Now we are sending one black bin every two months.

'We have worked hard to reduce energy consumption and cut costs. We have surpassed our target of a 5% reduction in energy consumption to make it over 12%. As a result, the whole school community has become much more energy aware.'

Assigning jobs to all the children throughout the programme means that each child feels involved and as a result, this has fostered a sense of responsibility in everyone to keep their environment litter free, minimize waste and conserve energy.

The school spokesperson said: 'The programme is pupil driven and we can honestly say that the Green Schools philosophy has become a way of life for the whole school community.'

The school is not resting on its environmental laurels with the winning of its second Green Flag and is already working towards a third.

A school spokesperson explained: 'We are currently working towards a third Green Flag which is for Water Conservation.

'Over the coming months the school hopes to learn new ways of conserving water both in school and at home and ultimately to obtain the Green Flag.'

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