Saturday 17 March 2018

Hat trick of Green Flags for Kids Inc.

Nicola Donnelly

CELEBRATIONS took place at Kids Inc in Swords recently as the childcare centre received its third Green Flag.

The Green Flag was awarded to the centre after the 60 children and their teachers successfully completed a Water Conservation Programme.

'We are delighted to receive our third Green Flag and the children did a great job with the water conservation programme,' said Gill Shakespeare, Centre Manager.

She explained that they introduced a Tip Tap Team which involved the children going around checking that no taps were left on unnecessary, that there were no leaks and they completed surveys on how often toilets are flushed.

'We also gave monthly talks on the likes of water pollution,' she said.

Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Mags Murray attended the ceremony and after the flag was raised, a celebration party took place afterwards with face painting, cake and treats for the children.

Kids Inc is based in Seatown Road in Swords for the past 12 years catering for babies from three months to children up to 13 years in their After-School Care programme.

They received their first Green Flag in 2010 for Litter & Waste Management and their second flag in 2012 for Energy Management.

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