Sunday 17 November 2019

Frightfully good baking!

School was just a piece of cake for the ghouls and goblins of Rush National School last week, when the school held its annual 'Halloween Bake Sale.'

The little witches and vampires brought their carefully baked cakes and buns into school as part of a fundraiser for IT equipment and other necessary school items.

Laura Walsh, Chairperson of the Parents Association Committee gave her account of the day's proceedings, in between feasting on the many delights on offer: 'It's going really well and it's still ongoing. A bit crazy, but really good. We've seven-hundred-and-forty-six students in the school, so most of the students would have given a donation of a cake or bun.

'It's a fundraiser for the school, so the school uses the funds then usually on IT equipment or anything for the students that's not bills or heating or anything like that, it's just funds all towards the students.'

She said: 'Parents give the children money, and then children come in and supply the buns. We've sold plenty - each class has a slot and then they come in and choose a cake or bun, and then parents get to come in and buy cakes as well.'

Laura says the 'Bake Sale' is supported by local businesses, who provide prizes which are raffled for the children with the best bakes. These are judged by 'junior', 'senior' and other categories. All in all, a sweet day in Rush National School.

Fingal Independent