Friday 20 April 2018

|Footpath upgrade contractor found

A CONTRACTOR has recently been appointed to upgrade a footpath outside Larough on the Channel Road in Rush.

Cllr Ken Farrell (Lab) asked for an upgrade of the pathway and was told by the council's operations department that a contractor had been appointed recently to carry out the work.

The council also told Cllr Farrell that a contractor had also been appointed to carry out drainage works at the same location.

THE council has committed to renewing signing and lining within Chapel Farm estate in Lusk, this year.

The work was requested by Cllr Ken Farrell (Lab). The council's operations department responded to the request, saying: 'The renewal of the road markings that are considered necessary in the Chapel Farm Estate, Lusk will be included in the 2014 Signing and Lining Programme.'

THE council has requested a developer in Portmarnock to repair damaged hoarding on Station Road and arrange for the removal of the graffiti on the hoarding.

Cllr Gerry McGuire (Lab) brought the issue to the council's attention and the local authority said: 'Contact has been made with the developer and he has been requested to address the issues raised. The inspectorate division will continue to monitor the situation.'

THE council is to carry out remedial works on the Lusk to Skerries Road near the junction of Milverton and the Daffodil Gallery, to alleviate flooding problems in the area.

Cllr David O'Connor (NP) requested the work and was told by the council that 'remedial works to alleviate the surface water problem at the location referred to in the question have been included in the Area Engineer's Maintenance Programme'.

Cllr O'Connor asked for similar works at Annsbrook Bridge which will also be included in the area engineer's programme.

Fingal Independent