Sunday 21 July 2019

'Excellent' showing for Swords in litter report

Swords Streets

There was good news for Swords and the area around Dublin Airport in the latest Irish Business against Litter (IBAL) results, as 'Dublin Airport & Environs' and Swords were featured in the top 20 of the list.

'Dublin Airport Environs' achieved 15th place and Swords 18th place, with both areas now deemed to be 'Clean to European Norms.'

Litter levels were assessed in 40 towns and cities across the country by An Taisce, who found 31 of them or 77% to be clean, which was very positive news for tourism and local communities alike.

Regarding Swords' achievement, the report stated: 'An excellent showing by past winner Swords on its return to the league after an absence of several years saw the town being placed 18th out of 40 towns/cities surveyed.

'The approach roads got the top litter grade, creating a positive first impression of the town. The residential areas of Carlton Court and Longlands were both top ranking, indicating well cared for environments.'

On 'Dublin Airport Environs', the report noted that a 'very clean and tidy impression' was created at the airport roundabout, and made particular mention of 'grass and sculpture', which contributed to presenting a 'fresh and welcoming environment' for visitors arriving at Dublin Airport.

Speaking about the national results, Conor Horgan of IBAL drew attention to the positive results for Dublin Airport and Environs saying. 'Today's tourists demand high levels of cleanliness and these results indicate that's what they will be getting this year when they come to Ireland.

'It is also important that their first impression be a good one, so it's pleasing to see the roads around Dublin Airport are again to clean to European norms.'

Newly elected Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O'Brien welcomed the results saying: 'These are excellent results for the Fingal region, particularly the Airport Region and Swords.

'I see the many hours of voluntary effort put in by local residents throughout the county, working with Fingal County Council to improve their areas, and it's great to see these efforts acknowledged in this way.'

Fingal Independent