Wednesday 13 December 2017

Difficulty raising funds for traffic lights at junction

John Manning

THE council is unlikely to be able to source funding for a proposal from local councillors that traffic lights be provided at the junction of the Back Road and Dublin Road in Malahide.

Cllr Anthony Lavin (FG) and Cllr Judy Dunne (Lab) both brought the proposal to the council but the local authority's traffic section said that funding the project would be difficult.

In its report on the issue, the traffic section said: 'The signalisation of this junction would require a significant amount of works to be carried out.

'A bus stop would require relocation, a ditch would have to be piped, extensive traffic management would be required and a considerable amount of ducting would be needed for cabling for the lights.

'It would be difficult to secure the funding for such a scheme as this is a rural location with few pedestrian movements. However, a traffic count will be carried out at the junction to establish a need for signalisation.'

Cllr Lavin said the junction was 'problematic' and told the council that there had been an accident there recently. He welcomed the traffic section's willingness to carry out a traffic count in the area and said that whatever the council could do to make the junction safer, would be welcome.

Cllr Dunne said that speeding was also a problem in the area and she suggested that traffic calming measures might also need to be introduced around the junction.

Cllr Joan Maher (FG) agreed that the junction needed to be made safer. She said she regularly used the junction herself and often did so 'on a wing and a prayer'.

Cllr Eoghan O'Brien (FF) said that the issue was a long-running one and he had raised it before at the council. He agreed that traffic approaching the junction needed to be slowed down and he warned that there was 'huge potential' for accidents in the area.

Fingal Independent

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