Sunday 18 March 2018

Councillors give seal of approval to Local Area Plan

John Manning

A NEW Local Area Plan for Rathingle in Swords has been approved by councillors and will allow for the construction of between 170 and 190 new homes in the area on a six hectare site.

The plan returned from public consultation this month for final approval a the council and was passed with some minor amendments on foot of suggestions made by residents in submissions made to the council.

Effectively, the plan is to allow for phase nine of the Ridgewood development and would allow for the construction of between 170 and 190 new family homes in the area on a six hectare site.

If all nine phases of the Ridgewood development were completed, the area would house some 1,500 residential properties in total.

County planners said that there is capacity within the local primary school system to allow for the expansion of the area to that number of homes.

The plans for the area also include several small 'pocket parks' in favour of large open spaces, for residents to enjoy with planners promising that each house would be no more than 100 metres from a pocket park.

Some 30 submissions were made by members of the public with concerns about the plan, during its period of public consultation. The council says it has given those submissions 'careful and serious' consideration and made some changes to the plan on foot of those submissions.

The majority of the submissions received, expressed serious concerns about the proposed access to the LAP lands from Ridgewood Avenue and Cedar Park. Many stated that neither Ridgewood Avenue nor Cedar Park is suitable for any additional traffic. Limited public transport in the area was also flagged as a concern in a number of submissions.

The council argued that a traffic impact assessment of the plan 'indicates that the existing roads are within capacity and capable of accommodating the increased traffic flow'. It suggested that there should be no change to the plan in this regard but agreed that traffic calming should be provided along with the plan for Ridgewood Avenue and Cedar Park.

After a number of objections were received to the proposed location of a playground within the LAP lands, the council agreed to have this location changed to the south-western corner of the site.

Fingal Independent