Thursday 19 April 2018

Bus stop

DUBLIN Bus are to be asked by the council to relocate a bus stop on Wendell Avenue in Portmarnock so that all three services in Portmarnock can be integrated at a bus stop on Strand Road. Cllr. Judy Dunne (Lab) made the request for the bus stop to be moved and the council will now write to Dublin Bus to request its relocation.


NEW road safety measures are to be introduced this year at Robswall Park including new signage and rumble strips to slow traffic down in the vicinity of the heavily used park. Cllr. Anthony Lavin (FG) asked for a progress report on the provision of new safety measures at the junction of Robswall Park and the Coast Road. The council's traffic section responded, saying: 'The provision of road safety measures, including signage and rumble strips will be carried out during 2014.'


A SPEED survey is to be carried out by the council in both directions on Estuary Road in Seabury to see if placing a speed reader in the area is warranted.

Cllr. Eoghan O'Brien (FF) has called for the installation of a speed reader in the area after he claimed that other traffic calming measures on the road, including speed ramps, had failed in reducing speeding. The council agreed to carrying out a survey of speeds in the area to see if a speed reader was needed to slow local traffic.


FADED double yellow lines are to be repainted on the link road from Carrickhill Rise to Wendell Avenue in Portmarnock this year.

The council confirmed its intention to carry out the work when pressed on the issue by Cllr. Judy Dunne (Lab). Cllr. Dunne also asked for the double yellow lines to be extended along the bend of the road leading from Carrickhill Rise to Wendell Avenue because 'traffic parked at this location is causing a serious traffic hazard'.

The council said that the area would be examined and gardaí consulted.

Fingal Independent