Wednesday 22 May 2019

Bid to make Main Street in Swords safer for pedestrians

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Prioritisation of pedestrian movements on Main Street and Dublin Road, Swords is to be considered under the proposed Urban Renewal Scheme following concerns on pedestrian safety, the council has confirmed.

The local authority has also confirmed that a proposal to improve the Church Road, Swords Main Street and Dublin Road junction is planned for the May Area Committee meeting.

Putting forward a motion at a recent Balbriggan/Swords Area committee, Cllr Joe Newman (NP) said that 'for the last four or five years' he had been trying to get pedestrian crossings installed at the junction of Church road and Dublin Road 'just across from the Lord Mayor's pub.'

This was his 'last shot', he said, at trying to get 'some kind of protection' for pedestrians, adding that he did not wish to wait for the proposed Urban Renewal Scheme, which may not address the problem.

Cllr Newman said there was also in fact a problem crossing Dublin Road outside council offices, where cars would not heed pedestrians trying to cross.

Cllr Newman suggested placing a sign stating this was a 'pedestrian priority area', but that he was not sure how this would be implemented.

This would, he said, facilitate people crossing the road, 'without holding up too much traffic.'

The councillor suggested that something short-term could be implemented to address the problem, 'rather than leave it for another five years.'

A council official, responding to Cllr Newman, said that the 'good news' was that the council would hope to come to the May Area Committee meeting with a proposal for the junction of Church Road, Main Street and Dublin Road, something successive engineers had looked which was now 'worth a trial.'

The official said he was not 'sure' if giving pedestrians priority in Swords village had any legal basis, without going through a statutory process.

'If you're prioritising pedestrians in Swords village, we have to make provisions for vehicular movements as well', the council official said.

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