Wednesday 17 January 2018

Beach front 'tagged' by graffiti vandals


BALBRIGGAN'S BEACH front area is being ' tagged' by graffiti vandals who have hit walls and railway tunnels in and around the area over the last five or six weeks causing huge anger locally.

Local resident and photographer, Martin Fanning has captured images of the vandal's work and posted them on social media in an effort to highlight the problem and get something done about it. Martin wants the Gardaí, Fingal County Council and Irish Rail, which owns some of the property ' tagged' by graffiti to combine their efforts to tackle the issue and says there is a growing feeling in the town that Balbriggan is not getting the treatment it deserves from its local authority.

He said that the only way to tackle graffiti was to remove it as soon as it appears and the sites ' tagged' by the vandals could not be left indefinitely. The local resident said that the graffiti is just another sign of neglect in the area and that issues like grass cutting, weeding and road maintenance around the town have all combined to leave residents 'disgruntled' and leave a perception locally that Fingal County Council 'seems to overlook Balbriggan more than other places in Fingal'.

'We've all become very disgruntled with Fingal County Council down through the years. It seems that everything Balbriggan wants we really have to fight for. 'Balbriggan Town Council will raise and issue and send a letter off to the county council and it gets forgotten about,' Martin told the Fingal Independent. One resident, responding to the pictures of the graffiti posted by Martin, said he visited the area over Christmas with tourists and was 'appaled and embarrassed' by the state of the beachfront area and its approaches.

Martin told the Fingal Independent that there is a lot of good work going on locally on the ground by a lot of people who are devoting their own time and energy to the town but all that effort needs 'more back up from the council' to succeed. He said that locals do not want to feel like ' the poor relation' anymore and want 'a lot more back up' from its local authority.

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