Thursday 15 November 2018

Balbriggan ETNS gets creative as it enjoys another 'Arts Week'

Gerard Atagamen and Nameer Jaffrey celebrate Arts Week
Gerard Atagamen and Nameer Jaffrey celebrate Arts Week

Balbriggan Educate Together National School was alive with all things artistic last week as it celebrated its a Arts Week.

The aim of the school's Arts Week is to provide the children with a highly stimulating and experiential week of drama, visual art and music.

School principal, Fintan McCutcheon said of the event: 'It is hoped that the children will develop a love of the arts and find their own artistic talents and preferences.'

Each child in the school will experience four Arts Weeks over their career in the school.

The Junior Infants, Senior infants and 1st class experienced music-making workshops with guest-experts Musicmakers and had drama workshops with Derval. They also participated in an arts carousel with their own team of teachers and enjoyed lessons in samba dancing and enjoyed black and white movies and a puppet theatre performance.

The 1st and 2nd classes learned about the violin and enjoyed workshops with the Mobile Music School.

The school's third class pupils also were introduced to the violin and had craft workshops and drumming lessons and enjoyed a trip to the Droichead Theatre in Drogheda to see a play and experience the magic of black and white movies

The 4th class pupis enjoyed an online music programme and had a Junk Kouture fashion design workshop as well and got involved in some musical theatre. They also enjoyed visits to the Hugh Lane Gallery and went to the Abbey Theatre to see a play.

The school's 5th class pupils enjoyed drama workshops with the internationally renowned actor Don Wycherley, clay workshops, hip hop dancing lessons, carousels with their own teaching team, drumming workshops with WassaWassa, a Junk Couture session and a visit to the Droichead theatre in Drogheda.

The school's 6th class also enjoyed the theatre workshops with Don Whycherly and got to participate in most of the events enjoyed by their 5th class colleagues as well as an acrylics painting workshop and a fascinating lesson in creative writing, focusing on the genre of magic realism.

Sixth class also visited the IMMA Gallery at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham and took in a visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery. They also attended a play at the famous Abbey Theatre.

The school's student council also got in on the act during Arts Week.

They presented a 'Human Rights Defenders' project at an educational conference of student councils in Malahide but back in Balbriggan they got their artistic heads on when they ran the 'Painting of the Day' each day during the school's Arts Week.

As well as all of these events and more, all classes in the school studied the work of one individual artist over the week in depth.

It was another roaring success for the school and it is hoped that a few future artists were inspired during the week to pursue a life in the arts and perhaps help inspire future generations of pupils at the school.

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