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Award winners' roll of honour

Winners of the Fingal Dublin Business Excellence & Corporate Responsibility Awards 2013

* Best Small Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Fingal County Enterprise Board – Customs Matter, Santry, Dublin 9.

Judges Comment: 'The winner impressed the judges with the very clear business strategy which has achieved spectacular results. The company provides unique benefits to customers and is constantly striving to provide an exceptional service to all clients.'

* Not for Profit Organisation Excellence Award, sponsored by the Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport – Action Ireland Trust, Portmarnock Community College.

Judges Comments: 'Their significant contribution to the communities they serve was outstanding and the impact on those providing the support has inspired a generation to invest their considerable skills to improve the lives of others at home and abroad.'

* Best Start Up/New Business Excellence Award, sponsored by LINC Learning and Innovation Centre – Golfgraffix Limited, Balgriffin.

Judges Comment: 'The winner of this award demonstrated how to shoot for the stars. Their bold growth strategy brought about a very significant achievement which has provided them with an excellent base from which to expand.'

* Customer Service Retail Excellence Award – Independent Sector, sponsored by the North County Leader – Jack & Jones, Pavilions Shopping Centre.

Judges Comment: 'This store was beautifully presented, the merchandising was excellent and the store was immaculate. The staff were proactive, polite and enthusiastic about the product. A pleasure to visit.'

* Customer Service Retail Excellence Award - Multiple Sector, sponsored by Swords Pavillions – Colourtrend, Main Street, Swords.

Judges Comment: 'What a great store, the staff were real experts with extensive knowledge of the product and great advice. The store had a great range to choose from and would definitely be a destination store.'

* Retail Premises of the Year Excellence Award, sponsored by Indie Spice Restaurant - Jungle – The Flower Store, Malahide.

Judges Comments: 'The visual impact both of this store was outstanding - obvious care and attention had been made to create a wonderful shopping experience.'

* Best Sales and Marketing Excellence Award, sponsored by Crowne Plaza Dublin Northwood – ARI The Loop, Dublin Airport.

Judges Comment: 'This campaign was very cleverly targeted with impeccable timing, professional execution and considerable accomplishment.'

* Innovation in Business Excellence Award, sponsored by AIB Bank – Malone Engineering Services, Blanchardstown.

Judges Comment: The winner of this award gave a clear and concise explanation of their innovation which has not only streamlined and improved the way the company runs but has greatly improved the service to customers and developed individual skills levels with the business.'

* Customer Service Excellence Award - Services Sector, sponsored by One 4 All – Dogs Trust, Ashbourne Road, Dublin 11

Judges Comments: 'The staff here were completely committed to their work. They were caring, enthusiastic and welcoming, but extremely well informed and full of good advice – I have already planned to return.'

* Customer Service Excellence Award - Tourism and Hospitality Sector, sponsored by Graphite HRM and Peninsula Business Services – The Grand Hotel

Judges Comments: 'The staff were so professional and made me feel that I was a valued and important guest. This was an exceptional experience.'

* Best Licensed Premises Excellence Award, sponsored by Fingal Independent - Wrights Café Bar, Swords

Judges Comments: 'This was a warm and welcoming place to visit. The staff members were friendly and gave the impression that they really enjoyed their interaction with customers and which created a great atmosphere.'

* Best Eating Establishment Excellence Award, sponsored by Phlok - Indie Spice Restaurant, Swords

Judges Comments: 'The presentation of the food was excellent and the flavours of the food were to die for. Overall we had a lovely meal in a very warm and inviting restaurant but the most positive aspect of the visit was the friendly staff. This is one restaurant that I will definitely come back again to in the future,'

* Digital Marketing Excellence Award, sponsored by Vhi Healthcare - Engage Ireland, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Judges Comments: 'The winner of this award demonstrated how they invested in the development of their staff to use digital marketing in a strategic way. They have provided a unique communication service which has created a wider audience for the company and allowed their clients to benefit from their expertise in harnessing digital marketing channela.'

* Business Growth Excellence Award, sponsored by Bank of Ireland – Castleknock Hotel and Country Club:

Judges Comments: 'Meticulous data analysis had led to clear and effective strategies which have resulted in a very significant growth in business. The double effect of clear management vision and the clever use of these systems will ensure and sustain growth in future years.'

* Best Business Practice Excellence Award, sponsored by Blanchardstown Centre - Acacia Facilities Management, Swords

Judges Comments: 'Judges were very impressed with the focus on developing the business and the very comprehensive systems in place to ensure that service quality exceeds expectations. Practices are constantly reviewed to make sure that clients' needs are always paramount .'

* Development in People Corporate Responsibility Award, sponsored by Keelings - Ingersoll Rand International, Swords

Judges Comments: 'The winner of the award gave evidence of a huge number of initiative instigated by the company which have allowed their employees to bring about measurable and observable changes in themselves, the communities in which they operate and their environment.'

* International Employer of the Year Corporate Responsibility Award, sponsored by Fingal Dublin Chamber – Country Crest

Judges Comments: 'The winner of this award clearly has CSR as an integral part of their business strategy. Their long term commitment in providing their own expertise, resources and funding to empower less developed communities has developed exponentially to bring sustainable benefits to the employees, the business and the international community.'

* SME Employer of the Year Corporate Responsibility Award, sponsored by Fastway Couriers – Pavilions Shopping Centre

Judges Comments: 'The wide range of CSR activities undertaken by the staff and management of the winning business was exemplary. Staff at all levels are involved in local initiatives that value and invest in the communities in which they operate, recognising both the personal benefit and positive impact enjoyed.'.

* Large Employee of the Year Corporate Responsibility Award, sponsored by Crowne Plaza Dublin, lanchardstown - daa

Judges Comments: 'This winner showed how they place great emphasis on the well being and development of staff at all levels. Staff are encouraged to take opportunities for self development, volunteer and become involved in collaborative projects which support the community.'

* Multinational Employer of the Year Corporate Responsibility Award, sponsored by Institute of Technology Blanchardstown - PayPal, Blanchardstown

Judges Comment: 'The winner of this award provided a comprehensive account of the development, innovation and empowerment policies available to encourage employees to reach their full potential. They play an active role in the local community donating time and funds to improve conditions for others.'

* JC Savage Fingal Business Person of the Year Excellence Award, sponsored by daa - Michael Wright, The Wright Bar Group

Judges Comments: 'Dynamic, tenacious, driven, visionary and committed to success in Fingal, Taking big risks to build vibrant sustainable business, values customer service and has raised over €2 million for charity.'

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