Thursday 20 June 2019

'Adventurettes' swim way to €1,500

A huge well done goes to the girls of Lusk Adventurettes who braved the sea recently for an early morning dip to raise money for a very special cause.

The local adventure group proved their adventurous nature by undertaking a sponsored sea swim recently.

the idea was to raise cash for the local school, Lusk Senior National School which is currenlty having a fundraising drive so it can provide a new soft play and sesnory area within the school to cater for children with special needs at the school.

It was a cause the adventurettes, a fledgling group in Lusk wanted to get behind as many of them attend the school.

So the idea struck to have a sponsored sea swim which happened recently and proved a huge success as the girls raised a whopping €1,500 for this great cause.

A spokesperson for the grateful school said: 'This money will go a long way and help provide an incredible resource for the children in our school. Ms.Scott and Ms.Fitzgerald have been working super hard to create a wonderful space.'

Fingal Independent