Monday 14 October 2019

A world-record chat in Irish took place at Fingallians GAA Club

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Liam Ò Culbàird, Stuart De Paor and Paddy Quinn at the meeting of the Irish Language Group in Fingallians Clubhouse
Liam Ò Culbàird, Stuart De Paor and Paddy Quinn at the meeting of the Irish Language Group in Fingallians Clubhouse

The Fingallians GAA Grúpa Comhrá / Irish Conversation Group, recently took part in 'Comhrá18' in an attempt to set the world record for the longest continuous Irish language conversation.

The group's contribution was broadcast live from the clubhouse over the internet, earlier this month.

The conversation, included regular attendees of the group, and had participants from as far afield as Glasgow, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Paris and Toronto, all eager to offer a Cúpla Focal.

Speaking of the event, Cultural Officer of Fingallians GAA Liam Ó Culbáird said: 'It wasn't just people from Ireland taking part, it was also the Irish diaspora from around the world, so really, everyone who had an interest in the Irish language and Irish culture.

'We took part for an hour. We took over from a group in County Antrim, and a group in Maynooth university took it up from us.'

According to Liam, the conversation had a wide range of topics, with everything from the weather, the upcoming general election to Donald Trump.

He says that being part of the GAA, the group, which has been running for the past eight years, has a 'duty' to promote not just the language or sports, but all parts of Irish culture.

'The language is part of the Irish identity', he says. 'It makes us stand out from the rest of the world, a unique thing that the people of Ireland have, therefore it should be encouraged and fostered and promoted.

'The language is going through a revival at the moment, through the gaelscoils becoming so popular, and new generations are coming up with a knowledge of the language that was never there before.'

Fingallians GAA is a lot more than just a sports club and takes the aims of the GAA very seriously in promoting all aspects of Gaelic culture.

As well as promoting the language, Liam is also very involved in the club's efforts to promote Irish traditional music.

To that end, the club has a thriving cultural section which promotes the Irish language as well as the island's rich musical and dance heritage.

It does this in many ways, and this summer as local Comhltas clubs took a break, the club stepped in to provide an opportunity for young people in Swords to come together and play traditional music.

A group of young people aged from about seven to seventeen gathered at the club with their instruments of choice and played some tunes.

The club's cultural officer, Liam Ó Culbáird, explained the Fingallians philosophy when it comes to integrating Irish arts and language into everything it does.

Liam told the Fingal Independent: 'We are one of the oldest GAA clubs in the country and we have always been very supportive of anything to do with Irish culture, from the Irish language to Irish music and dance.'

He said most of the musicians who attended the session were from Swords and enjoyed the chance to get together and play.

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