Monday 19 March 2018

Why wallow when Willow can help

Flower Essences, which includes willow, can help deal with emotional stress, anxiety and trauma
Flower Essences, which includes willow, can help deal with emotional stress, anxiety and trauma

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Flower essences can help you deal with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, or trauma. If you can name the emotion or combination of emotions you will be able to match those emotions with a flower essence. Each essence deals with an emotion or behaviour. There are 38 remedies in this healing system to choose from. They can be mixed in any combination of up to 6 or 7 remedies. You then have a mix of essences that is personal to you.

I was asked recently to give a talk about food intolerance. Public speaking is not my favourite thing to do. In fact, I have said no several times out of pure fear.

However, this time I said yes and then ended up in a panic and high anxiety about it. The closer the talk came the higher my anxiety levels rose. I made my usual mix which normally helps me through stressful situations. I mixed Larch for confidence, Mimulus for shyness and fear, Aspen for dread and the fear of the unknown, Walnut for protection so that I wouldn't be influenced by what I thought other people thought about me. I put Rock Rose for panic. But, the mix wasn't working.

I wondered why not. What was I feeling that I hadn't named? I was surprised to realise that I was feeling angry at myself for agreeing to do the talk. I was wallowing in it, thinking poor me, I have to do it, why me? And when I admitted it, I was feeling a bit of resentment as well, why should I have to do it? Childish I know, but true. Willow is the perfect essence for these feelings so I added it to my mix. Thankfully, after taking the remedy I felt calmer and my anxiety levels dropped a notch!

Although I still had a strong desire to run rather than to do the talk, I didn't run. The flower essence mix helped me stay calm enough to present the talk successfully.

Flower Essences can help deal with emotional stress, anxiety and trauma. If you can relate to and name the emotions that you are experiencing then you too can select the essences to suit your needs.

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