Tuesday 23 January 2018

Vision of future as E Car visits school

The new 'E car'.
The new 'E car'.

ONE of Balbriggan's most environmentally aware schools is preparing to apply for its fourth Green Flag award and has had a peek into a more environmentally friendly motoring future with a visit to the school by an 'E Car'.

Sile Seery, Green Schools Reporter at the school, told the Fingal Independent: 'St. Teresa's Primary School in Hampton, Balbriggan is now applying for our fourth Green Flag. 'Transport is the focus of our work this year and as a result we got the opportunity to see an E Car in Action. Sandra Pokrant from An Taisce came to our school to show the children her own E car.

'It was amazing. Not a sound to be heard from the car. The children were fascinated with the car and the fact that it only needed to be recharged.'

Sile said: 'Our lollipop lady, Heather Dunne, was intrigued with the car. She realised that in the future she would need eyes in the back of her head as she would not hear the car approaching.'

Another enjoyable day on the horizon is the Action Day in St. Teresa's. Sile explained: 'Parents and local people are invited to attend our Action Day on November 20.

'This will be held in the school hall and will include a Bike Workshop by Hugh Devlin from the Cycling and Angling Store, in High Street in Balbriggan.

'He has very kindly offered to check bikes on the day. The children will also be giving the results of the Cycle Audit they did to check the safety and accessibility of the cycle path from the school to Millfield. Some songs and Poems will also be recited.

'We would like to invite you to attend our Action Day on Wednesday, November 20.'

Fingal Independent

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