Wednesday 20 March 2019

Swords becomes the centre of angling world for a weekend

Cillian Taaffe with Keith and Susan Lawlor at the Ireland Angling Show in the National Show Centre
Cillian Taaffe with Keith and Susan Lawlor at the Ireland Angling Show in the National Show Centre
Mark Anthony and Matthew Lee at the Ireland Angling Show in the National Show Centre

The all-Ireland Angling Show, held in the National Show Centre in Swords last weekend, offered the opportunity for anglers from across the country to marvel at the latest fishing wares, receive expert advice and learn some useful new techniques along the way.

In the two-day annual event, anglers were treated to a selection of rods, reels, lines, clothing, kayaks, boats and a variety of accessories to suit both novice and expert alike.

Attending the show, avid fisherman and local Labour Party councillor, Cllr Duncan Smith, described what the show was all about, and spoke of the angling club he himself founded last year in Swords: 'It's a huge event, and brings anglers from all over the country into Swords.

'They've lots of stands selling the latest products, and anglers come from across the world to give talks and advice.

'They give demonstrations of new lures and things like that, flys and reels, so there's loads going on.

'It's mainly shops and organisations and Inland Fisheries would be there too.'

Cllr Smith's club, Usher's Lake Angling Club near Ward River Valley Park in Swords, was set up in 2017 to offer Fingal anglers a top-quality fishery in a lake which has been used by locals for decades.

Fingal County Council is due to take ownership of the lake shortly, so Duncan plans to establish the club as steward of the lake, which would enable the club to apply for funding for further developments.

He said: 'The council are very supportive and Inland Fisheries would be supportive of us too.

'The only thing that's holding us up is the land transfer which hasn't happened yet.

'Park bye-laws state that there's no fishing in park lakes unless there's a club set up, so my worst fear was that people who fish in that lake would be banned from doing so.

'We've a good committee and we're well set up, so when the council get involved, we'll be putting in an application to Inland Fisheries and getting some funding to develop it as a community fishery.'

Duncan says Usher's Lake, when completed, will be 'one of a kind' in Fingal, which will be open to all members of the public, with just a nominal yearly fee.

The lake has so far been stocked twice by Inland Fisheries, making it the ideal spot for Fingal anglers.

For further information on Cllr Smith's local angling club in Swords, access the Facebook page: 'Usher's Lake Angling Club.'

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