Friday 17 November 2017

Skerries puts its best foot forward for Gaza

Two participants jogging along the Skerries coast
Two participants jogging along the Skerries coast

John Manning

IT started in Balbriggan and then spread to Rush and Skerries and soon, people all over North Fingal were walking in support of humanitarian aid for Gaza.

The latest 5k run and walk for Gaza happened in Skerries where locals turned out in force to support the cause.

Event organiser, Anne Watson said: 'The first event was held in Balbriggan and raised €1,700, Rush raised €400 and thanks to the Skerries goats we raised over €2,100.'

The money raised will be spent on medical supplies as the people of Gaza have no running water, no electricity and no medication.

Ms Watson said: 'This event was seen as a human response to a human cry for help from the war torn area of the people from Gaza.

'The money will be given to the Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians.

'We met with Jossef and his family (Irishmap charity) at the Rush event, we were appalled at hearing the depravation and conditions of what the people of Gaza are living under.

'How will they ever forgive us for the torturous conditions of war they have to experience day in and day out for years and years?

'May the people of Gaza someday know that the people of Skerries and of Ireland have empathised with their situation by showing their wonderful support at the three local events held in Fingal over the last two weeks and this includes future events still to be planned and organised in the weeks and months to come.'

Anne said: 'This is only the start of it for us as we intend building a franchise of events around the country to continue raising awareness and money for the Palestinians or any other human beings caught up in a genocide of hate and destruction of human life around the globe.'

She added: 'On a personal note it was a pleasure working with the Gaza crew, from doing to do lists, to delegating jobs, deciding the route, organising the posters, giving out the buckets, organising t-shirts, collecting the money, talking to shop owners, using social media to raise awareness, getting stuff from the local community centre, organising first aid was all done with great energy and fun.

'The support from the 'Skerries Goats' was also inspiring, warm and proactive. A few lessons were learned along the way. People were still arriving at eight o'clock and the walk was already well underway.'

Anne concluded: 'Anyway, we really want to say a big thank you for the kindness, support and donations from all the local people.

'It reassures us that there is more good people on this planet than bad people. It reassures us that we the ordinary people can move mountains by making progress for peace step by step, human to human, heart to heart.

'There is really no divide between people as we are all human. We believe that we can all share the one planet, that we all deserve to live in peace and that we all deserve to sleep in peace in our own bed safe and secure from harm.

'We wish that with all our hearts for the people of Gaza and for the people in other war zones across the globe.

'Finally, we will update our Peace4Palestine page on Facebook on the total amount raised, where the money went and any further details we learn on the situation in Gaza. So keep in touch and watch this space as we have a long way to go but every small step is a step in the right direction.'

Fingal Independent

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