Sunday 20 October 2019

Newman pushes campaign for Swords 'Urban Forest' project after visit to Woodlands Festival

Local Swords Councillor, Joe Newman attended Ireland's first Woodland Festival in County Leitrim last week as he sought to push forward his campaign for the creation of an 'Urban Forest' in Swords.

Cllr Newman says that having visited the festival he is more excited and more committed to the idea of delivering an extended Woodland area for the people of Swords and the greater North County Area than ever.

While at the festival he met many people who have experienced the benefits of living close to woodland areas.

He was told of how communities benefit in very real ways from having the amenity on their door step.

He met a number of experts who have been involved with woodlands for many years and offered valuable advice.

Cllr Newman said: 'Dublin City is fast growing and may in time join up with Swords. Swords is an emerging city and destined to grow to over 100,000 population while the Airport is multiplying in size at a rapid rate.

'There are many environmental issues associated with these developments.

'I insist that Fingal County Council has to take my calls for an urban forest and woodland development project in Swords seriously and act quickly in providing the amenity to local residents.'

The independent councillor concluded: 'There are just too many health benefits including mental, physical and environmental associated with Woodlands and Forests to disregard the initiatives put forward.'

Fingal Independent