Tuesday 23 January 2018

Michelle helps others to lose weight after embracing healthy lifestyle

A PORTMARNOCK woman who successful shifted excess weight after she joined a Slimming World Club is set to bring her regime to a whole new audience when she starts her own classes next month.

Michelle Cassidy, who admits she had been overweight for much of her life and tried every diet under the sun without any joy, finally achieved a breakthrough after she joined a Slimming World class. 'Following Slimming World plan means you don't have to compromise on any of the food you love that's why it works for me.

I can still enjoy my potatoes, pasta and bread, and best of all my curries especially Slimming World Keema Curry and Slimming World chips,' she told the Fingal Independent. Since losing the weight Michelle has found that her energy levels and levels of fitness have increased immensely 'from an occasional stroll on a fine day to an hours walking daily has not only helped me with my personal fitness level, it has also had a huge impact on my work environment and I can now do my job to my full ability without feeling embarrassed. 'My two teenage children have only ever known their mum as overweight and are so proud of my achievement as are my husband, brothers and sister, as I'm sure my beloved mum would be too. I want my children to understand the benefits of healthy eating.'

Reflecting on her childhood, Michelle said: ' I'm the youngest of seven children and when my mother was widowed when I was a year old, money was tight. Mum was a great cook and baker and we were always encouraged to eat all our food and waste nothing. 'Growing up as a child and into my teens I had very low self esteem. I had no confidence in myself when it came to job hunting or relationships.' 'My weight spiralled out of control after the sudden death of my beloved mother in 2001, I gradually got bigger and bigger over the years, avoiding cameras and photo opportunities at parties and celebrations and at all times.

'Even my role in childcare was impacted by my weight and I dreaded any physical activities. The turning point came for me when a work colleague took my photo when reading to the children in work. I was always aware I was big but having photographic evidence just confirmed how big.' 'With eight work colleagues and friends we decided to give this new slimming club a try, but I had severe doubts, believing nothing will work for me. 'On our first night at Slimming World we were greeted by a very friendly lady who explained the plan and reassured us that she knew how we were feeling. 'I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt in this class and although it was all very friendly it was also very private when it came to standing on the scales and your weight was not on view for all to see.

'My first week and weigh in and I lost 6lb! And that was the start of my new life. 'I was so thrilled with the result that I bought a 12 week countdown because convinced that Slimming World works. ' The recipes were amazing and so easy that the whole family has become healthier. My outlook on life has changed immensely. I'm definitely more positive and ready to try new experiences. I'm proud of my achievement. 'It has given me self belief, when I was mistaken for my 15 year old daughter by the window cleaners; it not only made my day but my year!' Michelle will launch her own class on Tuesday, April 10th at 7.30pm in the White Sands Hotel in Portmarnock. Five friends joining together only pay €9 on their first night. If you want to know more just call Michelle on: 086 - 8697931.

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