Wednesday 25 April 2018

Family influence 'key' to young person's wellbeing

A MUM-of-three children believes that family influence is a key factor in a young person's eating habits and exercise routines.

Geraldine Canny, who is setting up Slimmingworld classes in Peacock's Lounge in Rivervalley, Swords and the Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords in January, encourages the young people to be involved in the decision making regarding food choices and activity.

'One in four children in Ireland is overweight,' said Geraldine. 'More and more of our children are carrying extra weight which is increasing their risk of health conditions like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and even cancer later in their life.

And in a bid to combat the extra weight more and more children are carrying, Slimmingworld is offering membership free of charge to young people aged between 11 and 15 if their parent or guardian is a member.

'We also offer a reduced rate to 16 and 17 year olds,' added Geraldine.

'In the friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere of a Slimmingworld group, we focus on praise and encouragement whenever the young member makes even the smallest change.

'We encourage the whole family to make healthy lifestyle changes so that the young member of the family does not feel singled out.

'We help parents to support their child in making these changes. It is all about cool swaps keeping it fun and funky for our young! You don't have to eat different meals you can have a very tasty dinner for the whole family. Our website had lots of family friendly meals with a step by step guide on how to cook, shop, in a healthy way. Food and Fun for all the family.

Geraldine says she has three young members who attend her Slimmingworld group and between them they have lost over five stone.

Geraldine will be opening her new Slimmingworld group on Thursday, January 9, at 7.30pm in Peacock's Bar & Restaurant, Rivervalley.

She will also have a group at the Carnegie Court Hotel every Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm. There is free car parking in both venues.

For further information contact Geraldine on 087 9555234 or contact

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