Tuesday 21 November 2017

Educate Together fight back against the bullies

SKERRIES Educate Together National School is fighting back against the bullies by hosting a training day to develop 'anti-bullying ambassadors' in the school.

The Skerries school recently held a very successful anti-bullying ambassador training day that saw over one hundred children from primary schools all over Dublin participate in a variety of workshops to help gain a greater understanding of the issue of bullying.

Through brainstorming, drama, games and discussion, the children explored the issue in depth helping them to acquire the basic skills that will help them support others and ensure that our schools are happy and safe places to be.

The training was run by the 'Diana Award' winner, Alex Holmes and his team and is separate to the Skerries Anti Bullying Initiative, going on in the town. The team has trained over 7,000 young people in Ireland and the UK and with the support of the teachers who accompanied the children the day was both creative and inspirational.

Jean Timmins, deputy principal of the school, said: 'The consequences of being bullied are wide-ranging and severe, affecting many areas of a person's life.

'In Skerries Educate Together National School we believe in empowering our children to create a positive learning environment where the emphasis is on prevention of bullying.

'We would like to thank all the schools who participated in our event and we wish the newly trained ambassadors the very best of the luck with their work over the coming year.'

Fingal Independent

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