Sunday 19 November 2017

Chance to play a part in Bremore's 'Big Dig'

This year Fingal County Council is facilitating a community archaeological dig at Bremore castle in Balbriggan and everyone is invited to take part.

A team of volunteers, led by community archaeologist Christine Baker, will be digging in the walled garden of this 16th century fortified house.

It is hoped to uncover information about the layout of gardens and to answer questions about what was here before the castle was built.

Is this where St Mologa introduced bee-keeping to Ireland? Could there be the remains of an older castle here? Did Cromwell attack the house with cannonballs?

'There is so much we want to discover about Bremore Castle' said community archaeologist Christine Baker.

She added: 'To do this we need people to come and dig'.

The community excavation will be underway for two weeks between July 14 and 28, every day except Mondays.

It is open to everyone over 18 to take part and don't worry if you are not up to digging, because there are other ways to get involved from to sieving for finds to washing and cataloguing what has been unearthed.

'It certainly is a different way to become involved' said Parks Superintendent Kevin Halpenny.

Mr Halpenny added: 'We've had a number of different events here at Bremore Castle, but I'm especially excited to be uncovering the secrets of our walled garden'.

A team of archaeologists will be on hand to train and guide participants so don't worry if you've never been on an archaeological dig before.

This is the second location that Fingal County Council has chosen to stage these community archaeological events.

For the last couple of years, a similar initiative has taken place at Swords Castle and has unearthed all kinds of interesting finds that have cast new light on the history of the site and the people who lived, worked and played there.

It is hope that moving the dig to Bremore Castle, this summer will unearth similar clues to this historic building's past and inform its future as the work to restore the castle and open it up again to the public continues.

To sign up or for more information contact

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