Sunday 18 March 2018

'Buffalo' are getting along very well with neighbours

John Manning

WHEN the residents of Robswall in Malahide were told they were getting some very hairy Highland Cattle for neighbours in the nearby park, they could have been forgiven for being a bit nervous about the plan but in fact, the move has proven hugely popular with the cattle now locally referred to with affection as 'the buffalo'.

In response to a motion from Cllr Judy Dunne (Lab), the council admitted that when the cattle were introduced to the park in the autumn of last year there was a problem in the first week with a dog on the estate who was having trouble adjusting to his newest neighbours.

But according to the council's parks division, that issue was quickly resolved and since then there has been a 'very positive response from park users on the presence of these cattle in the park'.

Councillors on the Malahide/Howth Area Committee backed that assessment up.

Cllr Joan Maher (FG) said he had only heard 'favourable responses' to the presence of the unique looking cattle both in Robswall Park and Racecourse Park in Baldoyle and Cllr Anthony Lavin (FG) said the unusual project was 'going down a treat'.

Cllr Eoghan O'Brien said the cattle had become a 'very popular feature' of the park and Cllr Cian O'Callaghan said there would now be more controversy if the cattle were removed than any controversy generated by their arrival.

Cllr Judy Dunne (Lab) said she was glad the issue with the dog had been resolved and she welcomed the project which it seems, has been a resounding success.

Fingal Independent