Thursday 24 January 2019

'BikeRowSki' your way into shape as new fitness studio opens in Kinsealy

The newly-opened BikeRowSki fitness studio in Kinsealy.
The newly-opened BikeRowSki fitness studio in Kinsealy.

An innovative new fitness studio has recently launched in Kinsealy, promising to push your fitness level to the limits and have you trim and fighting fit in time for the festive season.

According to Owner, Operator and Head Coach Stephen Weinman, BikeRowSki incorporates the ultimate challenge, with spinning, rowing and skiing machines in a 'one of a kind' heated fitness studio.

While the studio, promises to push seasoned gym bunnies to their limits, it also caters for beginners wanting to push themselves harder towards their fitness goals.

Stephen, who has 15 years' experience as a coach, has worked with 'individuals and teams across a broad range of goals', including weight loss, strength, sports performance and general health.

Stephen is a Physical Therapist and holds qualifications in Energy System Training, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Kettlebells and Endurance, and is also founder of Performance Therapy Ireland in Kinsealy.

According to Stephen, the studio has 'new sealed glass screen walls, 15 state-of-the-art Concept2 Ergs, a 65 inch smart TV to watch your calorie count and heart rate in real time, and arm-mounted optical heart rate monitors.'

The studio, which has fully-trained professional fitness coaches, also has a new mobility area on the mezzanine, newly refurbished changing rooms, modern toilets and showers to freshen up post-workout.

According to Stephen, the combination of fitness training provides 'a unique full body cardiovascular response' that is different to any other cardiovascular fitness class.

Classes include: 45 minutes heated session; 15 'ergs' (five bikes, five rowers; five skiers); a coach in every session and polar heart rate monitors for every member and much more

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