Wednesday 22 May 2019

Alliance focuses on making Fingal 'age-friendly'

A new initiative to help meet the needs of older people in Fingal by enabling them to live within their community 'with dignity and respect' was presented to a meeting of Fingal County Council recently.

Fingal Age Friendly Alliance, in tandem with the local authority; an Older People's Council; An Garda Síochána; Transport; the HSE; Education Partners; and voluntary organisations, strives to make Fingal more inclusive for older people and 'to make Fingal a great place for senior citizens to live'.

The council heard that longer life expectancy and population increase in Fingal will result in a greater demand of services for older people, something Fingal Age Friendly Alliance seeks to address.

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past number of decades, the Alliance explained to councillors, with the life expectancy for males increasing from 57 yrs in 1926 to an expected 85 yrs by 2046.

The life expectancy for females jumped from 58 yrs to an expected 88 yrs in the same period.

The organisation works under a framework of 'Physical Environment, Social Environment and Municipal Services', and is part of a National Advisory Group and National Shared Services Office.

The programme is now in its second 'Age Strategy' for Fingal, covering the period 2018-2023.

Since its inception, the organisation has seen a number of achievements, including its Friendly Alliance Strategy, a Senior Citizens Information Forum, a Swords 'walkability' report and an Age Friendly Parking Pilot.

The organisation is now focusing on Age Friendly Housing Projects, which looks at the provision of housing for older people in Fingal. Cllr Jimmy Guerin (NP) congratulated Fingal Age Friendly Alliance on their work but said that one concern he had was that he would 'hate to see a situation arising' where older people in the county were 'under pressure' to downsize.

Fingal Independent