Monday 11 December 2017

A civil and cultural centre for Swords

THE briefing document which sets the scene for the development of a new masterplan for a 'cultural quarter' in Swords has listed a number of potential developments the new plan might contain, from a new civic theatre to completing works on Swords Castle identified in its own conservation plan.

In the briefing document presented to local councillors by the county architect, Fionnuala May, a number of potential elements in the new masterplan were set out.

The new plan could look into environmental improvements to that area of Swords to more clearly identify it as a 'place within the town of Swords'.

The new masterplan is also likely to include the completion of works to Swords Castle, set out in its recently completed Conservation Plan.

How best to continue cultural events in and around the castle can also be looked at in the new masterplan as well as encouraging the arts and cultural activities in that area of the town, possibly with the location of a public library and a civic theatre.

The briefing document states that Fingal County Council has recognised the potential value of the place within Swords town and seeks to provide a civic/cultural place for visitors, locals, the business community and other stakeholders in the town.

Fingal Independent

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