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Karate kids will not be stopped by Covid crisis

Students advance in sport despite lockdown restrictions


WSKF Sedai students

WSKF Sedai students

WSKF Sedai student, Rebecca Dolan

WSKF Sedai student, Rebecca Dolan


WSKF Sedai students


WSKF Sedai Karate members, who normally train in the Rugby Club Skerries and Studio in Ballykea, have like every other sporting organisation, been curtailed by COVID but that has not stopped its members progressing in the sport.

Lockdown posed significant difficulty in continuing to train, remaining focused and achieving personal goals.

It would have been so easy to have taken a break at the onset of lockdown but determined students were not going to be defeated that easily and chose to keep training at home with online classes and as restrictions eased, outdoor sessions.

Despite the disruption and significant changes the students deserve to be complimented having achieved amazing results through pure determination, focus and attitude.

The students have illustrated this perfectly by the recent grading of some of its members.

It hasn't been easy keeping focus and disciplined in such a challenging environment.

Keeping physically and mentally active in such times has proved to be of enormous benefit to every age group and keeping active, for some, has been a lifesaver.

Practising karate develops students in a different way both physically and mentally and can support practitioners in achieving a better understanding of themselves and others.

The physical nature of the art benefits co-ordination, reflexes, balance, mobility, flexibility, strength and power with the mental benefits improving focus, concentration, mindfulness, self- esteem, humility, patience, self-discipline and respect.

Its practice is not defined by age or ability and has remarkable benefits due to its inclusive nature.

Following months of adapted training and preparation this weekend saw three club members going forward to be examined by Ireland's Chief Instructor.

WSKF Sedai are delighted and compliment all three students who passed their examination and graded successfully to their new kyu grades.

Importantly the students have demonstrated great character in their approach proving themselves to possess much more than a grading proficiency in karate.

Special congratulations to Rebecca Dolan, Skerries grading to 6th Kyu; Tristan Gannon, Skerries grading to 8th Kyu; and Blake Kavanagh, Skerries grading to 7th Kyu.

WSKF Sedai are continuing with Online classes, and are holding reduced capacity classes at their Studio with outdoor classes under government guidelines.

Karate Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Cardio Fit, Strength and Conditioning are held on Tuesday and Thursday. All classes are run under COVID- 19 guidelines. Everyone is welcome to attend Karate and/or fitness specific classes. Contact Instructors Francisco Astudillo at 089 9884213 or Sorcha at 086 1569828 or find them on Facebook: WSKFSedai and