Monday 14 October 2019

Toots looking to grow so the little train that could can carry more passengers

Toots, Malahide's famous little road train is set to be little no more as it plans to grow from 40ft in length to 62ft to accommodate more passengers.

The man behind Toots is Michael Place and he told the Fingal Independent about the plans, saying: 'It's widely accepted that the role of Toots will need to expand to meet the needs of 53 seated coaches visiting the area and the new Casino Model Railway attraction.'

Mr Place states the need for extra seating which will increase the length of the four vehicles including the famous little Engine, extended from 40ft to 62ft in length.

Toots is an Italian original masterclass built by Dotto Trains of Castlefranco, Veneto of Italy.

Each of the carriage axels move in accordance with the engine's direction which allows them to match the line of the locomotive, so, according to Michael, regardless of how many carriages it pulls, the line can be exact especially on sharper turns.

He said: 'Having recently walked the route of the new Casino Model Railway with a council official, we discussed the turning radius and Toots manoeuvrability in the planned new attraction.

'There will be no more complaints when it comes to coaches who have been frustrated by the current 36 seater capacity. 'Having 54 seats will attract Cruise Ship Passengers and School Tours who do not like splitting their passengers because of time limits.'

He said: 'The Village of Malahide and it's businesses can now look forward to a service offering a one way experience to the village via the coast, then to disembark at the food and shopping centre.

'The rising tide lifts all ships they say, and we'll be winning more than the usual hearts, one journey at a time too.'

Fingal Independent