Thursday 25 April 2019

Swords filmmaker sees his latest feature picked up worldwide

Swords Streets

Stephen Gaffney and Erica Keegan on the set of Red Room
Stephen Gaffney and Erica Keegan on the set of Red Room

A Swords filmmaker is well on his way to making it to the big screen after his third feature film has been picked up for distribution by an American film production company.

Stephen Gaffney, who owns Deep Web Film company with his girlfriend Erica Keegan, wrote and produced 'Red Room' which was shot in Fingal.

Growing up, Stephen's influences were Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and it's their 'dark side' that appeals to Stephen.

'Red Room' is a horror, film and it was shot in part in the filmmaker's native Swords.

He said filming for 'Red Room' has been intense, taking place 18 hours a day for seven days straight and stars Brian Fortune and Eddie Jackson of 'Game of Thrones', Fair City's Ashling O'Neill and Red Rock's Amy Kelly.

He said: 'This film took me around a week to write, whereas 'Class A' (his previous feature film) was written over two days but filmed over three months in different parts of Dublin including Applewood in Swords, Finglas and Cabrra,' he said.

Red Room has now been picked up for distribution on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Xbox for home release on March 19.

The movie is an intense film that explores the darkest sides of humanity and is 'not one for the faint hearted' according to the filmmaker.

Red Room 'brings the terror of what lies in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet into the ligh with blood-soaked results', is the movie's chilling tag line.

Partially Shot in Betsy Swords and Swords Main Street the cast includes Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones, Detainment), John D'Allesandro (Cardbord Gangsters), Amy Kelly (Red Rock) with Aisling O'Neil and Rodrigo Ternevoy (Fair City).

The cast also includes ' A stand out performance ' from Swords-based actor Alan Sherlock.

The film is written and directed by Written and Directed by Stephen Gaffney and co-written by his girlfriend, Erica Keegan, also from Swords.

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