Tuesday 18 June 2019

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Doug confronts Bob before snapping and punching him in Emmerdale
Doug confronts Bob before snapping and punching him in Emmerdale

Coronation Street: Nick tells Leanne that he's going to sell his share of the factory so that Elsa is out of his life for good.

Later, Sarah clocks Carla and Elsa looking through Nick's diary. Assuming his dinner date is with Leanne, they prepare to ambush him in Speed Daal.

Meanwhile, Evelyn offers Fiz some words of comfort and Fiz thaws towards her, suggesting that she should stay to keep an eye on Tyrone. Tyrone, Ruby, Chesney, Evelyn and Kirk say an emotional goodbye to Fiz and Hope.

Elsewhere, Sinead quizzes Ken about the money he gave to Carla and he admits that he's been funding her therapy. Sinead shows Ken the scan photo of his grandchild. Later, Daniel feels the baby kick, telling Sinead that he is the happiest man alive.

Also, Steve and Tracy take Amy for dinner at the Bistro, but their plan goes awry when Dev explains that Aadi point blank refuses to go on a date with Amy.


Doug heads to the pub and sees Bob being overly friendly with some female customers.

Doug confronts Bob about his feckless behaviour, before eventually snapping and punching him.

Meanwhile, Daz is proud that he's got a new company car with his new job and revels in the attention of his new boss Trish.

Elsewhere, Vanessa is distracted.

Also, Jacob makes an admission. Daz finds himself in a taxi with Trish, but misreads the signals and insists that he won't be her play thing. A furious Trish tells Daz that she's married.

An embarrassed Daz gets out of the taxi, leaving him stranded without his phone or wallet.

Meanwhile, Noah and Leanna team up to joyride in Daz's car. Amelia arrives and tries to stop them, but Leanna tricks her into coming along.

Elsewhere, Chas continues to struggle.


Alfie plans an event for his Blue Moon Funerals venture and convinces Hayley to help him out. As they spend time together, Hayley finally sees how much their baby means to him. However, Hayley is disappointed when Alfie later turns his attentions back to Kat, creating a touching gesture for her.

Later, Jean can't resist getting involved and warns Alfie that she knows the truth. She warns him to tell Kat the truth, or she'll do it for him.

Meanwhile, Mel meets up with Maddie and this time reveals the truth about who she really is. Maddie refuses to believe her, but Mel has another bombshell to drop.

Elsewhere, Tiffany follows Evie's instructions and gives Keegan drugs, but she gets caught out by Bernadette.

Also, Billy plans revenge against Adam after taking some inspiration from Alfie.

Fair City

Decco stands up to Ritchie but worries if it really is over. Doug talks himself out of a home, and Charlotte gets an interesting proposition.

Charlotte defies Decco by working for Ritchie. Anto tries to offload 50 Santa suits before Sharon realises he spent the Christmas fund. Doug tries to prove a point to Jackie.

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